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Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 5

In Alparslan past scene, Alparslan endeavored to save Atabey, yet the Lord got him. Alparslan ran away to the forest with his sidekicks. Byzantine officials endeavored to get them, yet Alparslan killed them. Using the puzzling section, Akca returned to the family. Caghri found that someone intended to attack Sehver and set off with Suleiman. Bozan saved Sehver from the miscreants and said that Shehzade organized this attack. Sehver acknowledged Bozan and thought that what Alparslan said wasn’t right. Alparslan returned to the illustrious home and mentioned that the Sultan’s assent save Atabey.

After what Inal said, Tughrul sent Alparslan to the jail.

Ruler needed to convey a hero from Ani to fight Hassan. General and Evdokya went to the imperial home. General mentioned a colossal result for Hassan from the Sultan. Ruler found that Alparslan had moved away from the jail and said that he would not pay the result until a message came from him. Alparslan got a fire moving in the forest and established a connection with Alpagut with smoke. Inal and Suleiman started looking for Alp Arslan in the forest, yet Caghri ended them.

Inal went to the palace and let the Sultan in on that Caghri was guaranteeing Alparslan. The Sultan mentioned his senior kin to go to the palace immediately. Alparslan killed one of the Byzantine warriors in the forest and took his articles of clothing. Hence, Alparslan clandestinely entered the royal residence. Alpagut said that a fighter would go to the royal residence and Alparslan speedily took action. After Yannis left the inn, Alparslan got the fighter and took his head defender.

Yannis didn’t comprehend that the contender was truly Alparslan and went with him to the jail. After Hassan left his cell, Alparslan got Yannis and put on something different. Rather than Hassan, Yannis went to the field and got into a fight with the warrior. The Lord then, killed him. After the Lord eliminated his cap, he comprehended that he had truly killed Yannis.

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