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Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 15 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Pietro really analyzes the chests of gold in the forest and trusts that his competitors will bring the weapons. Khizir breaks a piece of the rudder to make the boat sail to an island. Huma says she will set up a surface studio in Alexandria and gets support from the Emir for this work. Oruj changes the direction of his boat and impacts at Pietro’s boat. Pietro sees that the shaft of his boat is broken. Oruj’s amigos close the opening in the boat’s edge and continue with the excursion.Sahin says that no one can wager in the lodging any more widened, yet Sahbaz conflicts with him. Sahbaz says that everyone can wager and like the inn. A man of Pietro’s comes to the inn and deals that Sahbaz see where the gold will be passed on. Sahbaz demands that Jafer follow Oruj. Emir bids farewell to Hayrabay and sends him to Cairo. Emir understands that his position is in a risky situation and starts looking for a preferred way over oversee attack Oruj

In Barbaroslar Episode 15, Antuan didn’t kill Ilyas in any case he started his excursion with him. Following chatting with the Emir, oruj again set out to look for Ilyas in any case by then he came to comprehend that he had now left. Shahbaz made a game-plan to trap Oruj to stop him at any rate he was unable to win in it. Oruj chatted with Isabel and beginning there ahead, he looked through the north port of the boat didn’t yet tracked down anything

Beginning now and for a significant length of time, oruj got back and given a message to Ishaq. Piri was asked by Ishaq to set up an association with spies living in Kalymnos and went out for Alexandria. Shahbaz was denied by oruj to leave the housing. From now on, Pietro’s messenger came to there and got a few information about the tremendous conditions to free to Ilyas. Courier was sent back by oruj and he perceived the blueprint of Meryem.

Antuan took chests of gold and left with Ilyas to the island which Pietro had told him early. Pietro told that he would utilize Ilyas to stop oruj and he would start a contention in the Mediterranean among the Christian and Turks. Meryem came to the royal home and deserted Pietro. Meryem has been invited for dinner by Pietro. Pietro got a couple of data about her beginning. Meryem didn’t offer any clarification with respect to it and went to take a rest in her room.

that evening, Pietro met with a man of Venetian and informed him that he would join the areas of Christian. Meryem came to be alright with the space of Ilyas and quickly she told this to khizir cryptically. Rapidly, oruj set out for Telendos and began to get ready for war. Oruj assaulted when Leonardo was close to take Ilyas from the warriors.

Rhodesian troopers were crushed by oruj rapidly. Oruj gripped Leonardo. Once more, Pietro speaked with Meryem and told her that he had passed on something to her room. Right when Meryem went to his room, where he saw the garments of his mom. By this, Meryem came to comprehend that he was Pietro, his lost family different before years

In trailer of episode no 15, Antuan quit any deception of killing Ilyas and set out with him. Following chatting with Emir, Oruj tried to see Ilyas in any case grasped that they had now left. Sahbaz put out a catch for Oruj to stop him. Oruj quickly went to Telendos and started to get ready for war. As Leonardo wanted to take Ilyas from the heroes, Oruj assaulted. Oruj soon crushed the Rhodesian troopers and got Leonardo

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