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Barbaroslar Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles. We will take it from the oppressor and give it to the guiltless. The day To the spirits of progenitors It is the day of penance. away the name of the Barbaroslar Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv Turks The delight of life The power The confidence The day With the perfect blood of Genghis Khan It is the day of the mucus Now Come and go wherever Say the expression of the mucus.

I went to these terrains to gather enough charges

to have sculptures of me and my wanderers made from gold . Or on the other hand your youngsters Your Avrats Your spirit If you just knew this. You used to be called Osman, Zohre. How could he get the gold? Osman first shows us the hour of death Then he agrees to the illness. Is it a legitimacy? It’s a stunt. Contemplate what we would have managed without Osman. Women, quit quarreling.

Express gratitude toward God We got past this difficulty as well.

Express gratitude toward God. What are these sounds? Father. Mongols. So that is the thing that Alişar implied. Tell Cengiz on the fly Under the ground Tell the spirits somewhere down in the sky If you oppose I swear I’ll harvest up to your wedding trip in the support. Mr Bamsı. They got the gold back. Yet, the canines we killed had a place with Balgay. We got it. Neither gold nor military? Balgay’s concern is unique. He struck the caravanserai Everyone realized who Alişar was This is the thing that my Osman needed at any rate.

May Allah award us each of the a fair bliss,

Bamsi Bey. May Allah not permit us to pass on without killing three or five of these. Amine. Much thanks to you, child. Plunk down. They say the fish smells from the head The grappler is better than the grappler There is a man better than the man. The large number of our adversaries Balgay is our masculinity. Your granddad Suleyman Shah Your dad is Ertugurul Gazi. Barbaroslar Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Presently you as well. Secelem returns to Oğuz Kaan.

On the off chance that you attempt to count, your life isn’t sufficient. If I attempt to kill you .enough. Then, at that point, Give me my tote and I’ll take your head. For me So many heads you will get So many fights you will battle When you have many palaces to vanquish What is Balgay’s head? I recalled that you well, so I came, Osman Bey. What do you

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