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DSW Manhattan Shoe Skechers Men’s Expected Gomel Slip-on Loafer
DSW Manhattan Shoe Skechers Men’s Expected Gomel Slip-on Loafer

Skechers Men’s Expected Gomel Slip-on Loafer – DSW Manhattan Shoe

100 Knit Mesh
So, Synthetic sole.
Fit easily
Memory foam.

I ordered the second pair … the first ones were gray. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use DSW Near me.

So, Everyone is wearing these made-up Nike … and they look just as good if you don’t want to be laced. They even look like business casual shoes with docks or cargo.


So, they’re a little wider than usual so they feel more comfortable … The textured material breathes very well and keeps your feet cool. Then, what’s better about them than Nike is that they look and feel tough. A lot of people I know who wear Nike … they loosen up and look weak after a while. They have a seam that makes them look better.

No doubt you will love these shoes.

I tried it at a local brick-and-mortar store, but Amazon had it at about 1/2 the price, so I thought I’d give it a try. I am a teacher and I am on my feet all day. Son I take a school year out of my shoes and then they are toasted.

So, the two main things I look for are lightweight and comfortable. They definitely hit the nail on the head. My feet are not tight so “dress” shoes are not an option. I love how these shoes grow to fit my feet, and a comfortable fit should be called a comfortable fit.

I’m tempted to order another pair for next year, but I want to see if it will replace it in June. Even if I only get one of them a year, Amazon’s price decides to rearrange the nun brain. So far, they’re my new favorite DSW Manhattan Shoe.

Try now: Skechers Men’s Expected Gomel Slip-on Loafer

I first tried these shoes at the local department. The store was going to sell for 64 64 ($ 70) which was a good price. But some asked me to check Amazon. So I checked into the store right there on my phone. Amazon had ڈالر 20 less, and I get free shipping with Amazon Prime. So I tried the shoes on in the store to make sure I liked the feeling, then ordered the shoes from my phone on Amazon.

They just arrived today, the fit is perfect, the toe room is just right, the memory foam effect is just right. Not too hard or too soft (yes, some shoes can be too soft / make you feel good). When the shoes arrived at my office, before removing the tag, I rolled the carpet inside the office to make sure the overall feeling was right.
These shoes are perfect for casual wear. I can either wear them in the dress office, or I can wear them in jeans. This is the best shoe if you are overweight and you need a shoe with comfortable effects.

I bought these slip-ons to make it easier to wear shoes with rubber while I will be recovering from hip replacement surgery. I am amazed at how comfortable these shoes really are and have already ordered another pair in a lighter color and hopefully they will make them in many more colors.


As I would like to buy them in as many colors as possible. They are extremely comfortable and worth every penny. Everyone thinks, like I did before, you will need names like Nike, New Balance, etc., to be comfortable with the shoe.

This is the most comfortable slip-on DSW Manhattan Shoe I’ve ever had. I hope they continue to make them, add different colors and keep their size 15M.

I found it in the navy with a single white shore. So, I wish they had only one edge in gray, that’s all I want. Otherwise these things are satisfying, they look sharp, breathable and lose weight. I first dressed them in a casual dinner and played a musical with green khaki. They looked and felt great.

These are going to be my go-to shoes for a casual Friday at work with some jeans and with shoes for dinner and drink on the weekends. Although I will not do any athletic or hard work in these shoes. They’re really just for fun. Some of them are just waiting for the mail to arrive.

I have Buy this shoe, 100% satisfied, recommended

These are the best shoes for people who have difficulty walking and walking shoes. They are not the most durable shoe, but I only wear them when I am out of the house and have been wearing it for over a year. They weren’t available for long so I only ordered 2 pairs. Hopefully they will continue to prepare this way!

I now own and love some of them. Brand new, out of the box, it’s the most comfortable shoe ever. They fit my legs perfectly, provide the right support and just feel great.

After a few weeks / months, the memory foam bursts slightly and the elastic loosens slightly. But they are still comfortable. I run a new pair and an old pair together. One for going out and the other for housework, yard etc. When they break up, they become like a good couple.